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Meet Board Certified Dr. Luis Mesa, MD in Aventura FL

Dr. Luis Mesa, MD offers a wide range of services that includes general pulmonary medicine, pleural disease treatments, sleep medicine, internal medicine, and critical care medicine. Please give us a call today or simply request an appointment online! We are conveniently located at 21110 Biscayne BLVD ST 405 Aventura, FL 33180.

Meet Board Certified Dr. Luis Mesa, MD in Aventura FL
Luis J. Mesa, MD, FCCP, FAASM

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What is the educational background of Dr. Luis Mesa?
What is the professional background?
What is Dr. Mesa professional experience?
Previous appointments:
Hospital affiliations:
His board certifications:
American board of sleep medicine:
Educational commission for foreign medical graduates:
United States medical license examination (U.S.M.L.E)
Medical license
Dr. Luis Mesa professional associations:
Dr. Luis Mesa technical proficiency:
Dr. Luis Mesa papers and publications printed:
Dr. Luis Mesa awards and recognitions:
What languages he can speak?


Physician, currently in the private medical group.
Practicing Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine,
Critical Care Medicine and Sleep Medicine.

What is the educational background of Dr. Luis Mesa?


Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship
University of Missouri-Kansas City
July 1998 -June 2001

Internal Medicine
Internship and Residency
University of Missouri-Kansas City
July 2001 -June 1998

What is the professional background of Dr. Luis Mesa, MD?

Physician and Surgeon
Instituto de Ciencias de la Salud,C.E.S.
January 1987-December 1992

Boston University School of Medicine
International Health Exchange Program
July 1991-November 1991

What is Dr. Mesa’s professional experience?

Current Appointment:

Bernstein & Mesa, MD’s
Private group practice
2007 – Present

Previous appointments:

Stuart Bernstein, MD, PA
2004 – 2007

Cabot Westside Clinic
2001 -2003

Romaker & Associates, P.C. 4320 Womall Road
2001 – 2003

Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe
1994 -1995

Centro de Salud Cruz Roja

His board certifications:

American Board of Internal Medicine:

Internal Medicine
Certified 1998-2008
Recertified 2008 -2018

Sleep Medicine
Certified 2009 – 2019

Pulmonary Medicine
Certified 2000-2010
Recertified 2010 -2020

Critical Care Medicine
Certified 2002-2012
Recertified 2012 -2022

American Board of sleep medicine:

Sleep Medicine
Certified 2004 -indefinite

Educational Commission for foreign medical graduates:

E.C.F.M.G # 0-436-117-6
March 6, 1995

How can I make an appointment with Dr. Luis Mesa, MD?

You can book an online appointment by visiting our appointment page. Please note that you are only requesting an appointment. We will notify you to confirm & schedule your appointment. Please allow at least 24 hours for us to contact you.

United States medical license examination (U.S.M.L.E)

Part 1:
September 1994
Score 211/85

Part 2:
August 1994
Score 198/81

Part 3:
December 1997
Score 221/88

Medical license

Expiration January 2018

Expiration January 2018

Expiration July 2017

Dr. Luis Mesa professional associations:

American Medical Association – Member
American College of Physicians – Member
American Thoracic Society – Member
American Society of Critical Care Medicine – Member
American College of Chest Physicians – Fellow
American Academy of Sleep Medicine – Fellow

Dr. Luis Mesa’s technical proficiency:

• Ventilator Management
• Thoracentesis
• Endotracheal Intubation
• Central Venous Catheterization
• Arterial Line Placement
• Bronchoscopy with/without biopsy
• Navigation Bronchoscopy
• Interpretation of Polysomnography
• Interpretation of Multiple Sleep Latency Test
• Interpretation of CPAP Titration Study
• Interpretation Pulmonary Function Testing

Dr. Luis Mesa’s papers and publications printed:

Mesa L, Salzman Ff, Marinac J:
Intensive care unit (ICU) admission criteria for patients with diabetic ketoacidosis.
Critical Care Medicine (1998) 26:No.l
(Suppl.) A124
Presented at 27th Society of Critical Care Medicine
Educational and Scientific Symposium
San Antonio, Texas
February 1998

Marine J, Mesa L:
Using a severity of illness Scoring system to assess the intensive care unit
Admissions for diabetic ketoacidosis.
Critical Care Medicine 2000; 28: 2238-2241

Mesa L, Herndon B, Molteni A:
Are cytokines Triggering ARDS? Studies in an oleic acid model.
Presented at the American Thoracic Society
2000 Toronto, 96th International Conference. May 2000
Toronto, Ontario


Overcoming Barriers to Health Care for Diabetes
Presented at the Latino Civil Rights Summit
Kansas City, Kansas
October 18, 2002

Dr. Luis Mesa awards and recognitions:

Aventura Hospital and Medical Center
Physician of the Quarter
October 7, 2011

American Medical Association
Physician Recognition Award
July 2001 – July 2004

Instituto de Ciencias de la Salud C.E.S.
Best Graduation Thesis Mesa 1, Gomez L, Mesa R, Moreno A:
Toxic effects in rat’s liver by chronic inhalation
of paste of coca-bas

What languages Dr. Luis Mesa MD can speak?

• English
• Spanish

What do patients say about Dr. Mesa?

Dr. Mesa provides 5-star medical services. See what our patients are saying about us by visiting our patient reviews page.