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Insomnia Treatment Specialist

Insomnia Treatment Specialist in Hallandale Beach, FL

At Dr. Luis J. Mesa, MD, our team of sleep-care professionals has the training and experience necessary to get your sleep cycle back on track. We personalize our care to you, making sure that you receive a treatment plan that best fits your individual needs. Contact us today or book an appointment online to see what our team of specialists can do for you. We are conveniently located at 1250 E Hallandale Beach Blvd Suite 205 A, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009.

Insomnia Treatment Specialist Near Me in Hallandale Beach, FL
Insomnia Treatment Specialist Near Me in Hallandale Beach, FL

Table of Contents:

What is insomnia?
What is the main cause of insomnia?
What are the common types of insomnia?
What are the common symptoms?

Having trouble sleeping every once in a while is a normal part of life. Sleep quality can be affected by several factors, such as diet, stress, medical issues, and lifestyle factors. However, this issue becomes a more serious one if you find yourself consistently struggling to fall and/or stay asleep. Poor-quality sleep that lasts over a prolonged period can lead to slower reaction times, mood swings, poor mental and physical health, and overall lower quality of life.

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder where sufferers have trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep despite having the time and environment necessary to sleep well. This often leads to poor quality rest which can lead to high levels of fatigue during the day, mood swings, deterioration in mental and physical health, and slower reaction times.

Short-term insomnia may last a few days or weeks, usually because of life disturbances (change in environment, increase in stress, etc). Chronic insomnia, which is a long-term condition, occurs 3+ nights a week and lasts for longer than a 3-month period.

What is the main cause of insomnia?

Insomnia may be caused by one specific issue or there may be multiple working in combination with each other. A sleep specialist will be able to help you identify the reason behind your sleep disturbances and will aid you in coming up with a plan to improve your sleep quality.

The most common causes of insomnia are:

• Stress
• Fluctuating work schedules
• Consistent travel between different time zones
• An uncomfortable or disruptive sleep environment
• Pain 
• High caffeine/stimulant intake
• Age
• Poor sleep habits
• Poor eating habits
• Mental health disorders, such as anxiety or depression
• Prescribed and/or over-the-counter medications
• Certain medical conditions, such as acid reflux, asthma, heart disease, Parkinson’s, etc. -Sleep-related ailments, such as restless leg syndrome or sleep apnea

What are the common types of insomnia?

There are two distinct types of insomnia that your sleep-care professional may diagnose you with.

Short term insomnia refers to a brief period of time where you may experience difficulty sleeping, most often caused by stressful life events. It generally lasts for a few days to a couple of weeks and typically resolves on its own as stressors begin to lessen.

Chronic insomnia is characterized by long-term difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. With this type of insomnia, a person experiences poor quality sleep a minimum of three nights a week for a period of three months or longer. It is usually a result of traumatic/stressful life events, inconsistent sleep schedules, underlying medical conditions, poor sleep hygiene, or external environmental factors.

What are the common symptoms?

The symptoms most commonly associated with short-term and chronic insomnia are:

• Difficulty falling asleep
• Trouble staying asleep
• Routinely waking up in the night for no apparent reason
• Feeling fatigued even after sleeping
• High levels of daytime tiredness
• Mood swings and irritability
• Increased levels of anxiety and/or depression
• Difficulty focusing during the day
• Trouble concentrating and focusing on tasks
• High anxiety about trying to fall asleep

You may only experience one of these symptoms or you may experience them in combination with each other. Your symptoms may also fluctuate in terms of severity over time.

If poor quality sleeps is something that you’re experiencing on a regular basis, or if it’s affecting your day-to-day life, book in to see a sleep specialist as soon as possible. While some types of insomnia may resolve on their own, other types can only be treated by working with a medical sleep care professional.

At Dr. Luis J. Mesa, MD, our experienced team will help restore peaceful and restful sleep to your life. Contact us today or book in online to get started down the road to better sleeping! We serve patients from Hallandale Beach FL, Aventura FL, Hollywood FL, Golden Glades FL, Miramar FL, Hialeah FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, and BEYOND.